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A customer is purchasing an alcoholic beverage. What should you do?
It is illegal for me to refuse an alcohol sale to a customer if they have their ID.
What is the legal age to purchase an alcoholic beverage?
An employee of a licensed store may be subject to criminal consequences for allowing the sale to:
A minor asking an adult to purchase alcohol for them is:
MA'AM is:
When SIR and MA'AM aren't enough, it's time to:
When determining if a customer may be underage, always use SIR. SIR stands for:
Which is an acceptable form of identification when attempting to purchase an alcoholic beverage?
Some young people are hanging out next to the store and talking to customers as they walk by. How should you react?
Which statement is true?
In order to verify age for a beer purchase I should:
If a customer steals an alcoholic beverage from the store, what should you do?
A customer places money on the counter and walks out with the beer. What should you do next?
When can a person drink alcoholic beverages on store premises?
When people are loitering out side your store, what should you do?
Your store clock says 12:01 but the customer's watch clearly says 11:58. If 12:00 is considered after hours, is it ok to sell the beer?
All alcohol sale refusals should be:
Is it legal to sell alcohol to someone visibly intoxicated if:
An employee can be fined and/or face jail time for:
The first rule of thumb when using MA'AM is:
If a customer gives me an ID that is expired I should:
I must ID tobacco purchases:

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