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Most commercial fuel management programs are centered on low control products using retail fueling facilities. In these environments, theft and abuse, on average, account for 10% to 15% of the total transaction.

One of the most prevalent causes of this occurrence is that retail dispensers cannot restrict fuel grades. Drivers can purchase premium or mid-grade fuel when they should be using only regular. This can easily add up to $.20 cents per gallon, and it creates an environment in which you have to dedicate your precious time auditing statements for this abusive practice.

Another primary cause for high abuse is that clerks are often required to process the transactions. The simple truth is that they care less about your fuel purchasing rules than they do about making money, and will quickly convert c-store items into fuel. The only way to detect this act is for someone to spend time every month monitoring miles per gallon. Poor mileage is an indicator of theft, but the burden of proof is difficult to achieve since the transactions appear to be fuel only.

Our fueling environment and transaction controls eliminate these concerns.


Eliminating abuse and theft in a fuel management program starts with transaction controls at the time of purchase. Our fuel management solution offers the highest level of controls available in the marketplace. We can customize a system using any or all of these configurable elements:

Prompt Pay Discounts
PIN Security (user definable)
Guaranteed Fuel Grade Restriction (at the dispenser)
Daily Volume Restrictions (in gallons)
Monthly Volume Restrictions (in gallons)
Time of Day / Day of Week Restrictions
Guaranteed Fuel Only Purchasing!
Two Card Systems
If you are looking for the ultimate fraud protection tool, then look no further than our two card management solution. Both drivers and vehicles are assigned cards independently. Each has to be present at the time of fueling in order for the point of sale to conduct an authorization and turn on the dispenser.

PIN and data prompting questions are assigned to the driver card, while product restrictions and gallon limits are assigned to the vehicle card. This allows complete control over fuel purchases in situations where drivers float between vehicles.


Without complete, accurate, and consistent transaction data, it is impossible to manage a fleet and detect abuse. Our solutions guarantee the highest level of transaction detail in the industry:

Card number
Cardholder Description
Vehicle Description (when applicable)
Time and Date Stamp
Fueling Location
Product Purchased
Gallons Purchased
Miles Per Gallon (if configured and used)
Price per Gallon
Federal, State, and Local Tax
Transaction Total

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