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  • (Conviction will not necessarily disqualify applicant from employment)
  • Employment History

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  • Applicant's Agreement

    1.  I certify that all information given on this application and accompanying documents are true and complete.
    2. I understand application forms and all other materials are the property of the Company.
    3. I authorize all previous employers, references, the National Personnel Records Center and/or Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard, or their reserve components, driving records, consumer reporting , and any other entity to furnish the Company, the extent permitted by the Federal and State law, my reason for leaving, and all other information they may have concerning me.  I release them and the Company from all liability that may arise from such investigation.
    4. I understand, if employed, I may terminate my employment at any time without cause, and the Company may terminate or modify the employment relationship at any time without notice or cause.  I further understand, if employed, my employment is for no definite period of time and if terminated, the Company is liable only for wages or salary earned as of the date of termination.
    5. I understand and voluntarily agree, as a condition of my employment or continued employment, I may be requested by the Company to submit to a urinalysis, drugscreen, alcohol blood analysis and/or other kinds and types of testing, when requested to do so or unsatisfactory test results will disqualify me for consideration for employment, or if I am employed, may result in my immediate termination.
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